The Really Huge Job Called “Woman”


Big Topic


Ever wonder why it’s really a gigantic job to be a woman, and even bigger, still, to understand it? Here’s why:

  1. It’s a multi-faceted task involving husband, children, and sometimes even yourself. Lots of providing going on, and so much to know!
    And I’ll bet you don’t schedule time for yourself; don’t see yourself as important. Yet the pros on survival recommend that the MOM be first, not last. That’s why the instructions on airplanes are the way they are: Support Mom’s life first, then the kiddos. Hmm.
  2. The many glories of womanhood are not taught from the pulpit, because men don’t see them in the Bible, because it’s a hidden mystery. Or else, they fear women.
    You go to church and you learn a lot. About how to be a great, generic, Christian. On Mother’s Day, you hear about how wonderful you are. Yet you know how much of that can be fiction. And how guilty that makes you feel.
  3. Womanhood is not derived from any tidy Bible account we learn in Sunday School, such as Daniel in the Lion’s Den.
    Again, we learn about Mary 🙂 About Mary and Martha 🙂 😦 About Jezebel 😦 , etc., but never a word about HOW! Just be right. Not a word about laundry or or how to get five kiddos to church on time….
  4. (And this is the hardest part.) The meaning of womanhood can only be discerned or understood spiritually. Yep. It’s one of those topics: Plain as day in the Bible, but only to the initiated, only to those who crack the code. (Ephesians 5:32)
    There are hints, yes, but do we have time to search this out? To study? To receive revelations? To CRACK that code, already!
  5. Another hard thing: The devil hates womanhood. Which means most people also hate it, including many of the women who could have been your colleagues, and even your own self sometimes rises up against womanhood, as does mine and everyone else’s.
    Admit it. People think you are a non-person if you love your children more than money, and decide to be content with what husband can provide. Even some husbands resent that. And BE CAREFUL talking even to Christians about how to submit to your husband and what a joy that is! Lots of folks out there just plain blind to it all. Lots of people who hate people who love.


So, no wonder, right?

Right. It’s NO wonder that people quit on these truths, find them alarming, boring, excruciating, and other objectionable qualities.

But maybe you won’t.

Maybe, instead of sighing with weariness or boredom, you’ll be sighing with delight and relief.

Maybe these pages will hold exactly the puzzle piece you knew was missing, that you’ve been praying for.

Maybe you’ll get brave and test the waters?

And fall in love with His ways.

Because He purely loves you.

Is this making any sense?

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