Pro Bono Book Review*

Me? Obey Him? by Elizabeth Rice Handford

The title of this simple, women’s self-help book has given me a quiet chuckle for a decades. Until one day, I began feeling sad at how available this book is, how spot-on and faith-filled it is, how absolutely you can resuscitate your marriage by reading and following it, and how utterly some people reject it.

Even men. The crazies!

Yet over a million women have found marriage-saving realities in this short, inexpensive book!

* I’m not selling this book. I buy it and give it away. Never received a cent for that. Just love the book, because the truth is important to me.

The first time I encountered these truths was not in a book, but coming from the pastor who led me to the Lord. He was one of the few who “got it” although he’d never read this book; only the Bible.

As I applied the truth this pastor dealt me, I saw enormous change (improvement) in our marriage and in my husband.

I floated from ecstatic, to quietly marveling, and back again, to learn that childlike trust in God’s ways could evoke such a change, could attract His grace in our lives.

Then I read the book, all the while rejoicing that I had found such a jewel to share.


However, only a few can get it; only a few really want to.

I mean, it’s a gob of Scripture and a whole bunch of testimony…people’s lives turned completely around just reading one book, right?

Actually, in a way, yes, that’s right. But the “book” is the Bible, which Me? Obey Him? only reveals, and there is that one small, additional thing of the Holy Spirit, which you can get for free just by giving your entire life over to God.

THEN read the book. It’ll make more sense. Although if you just do what it says, you’ll get incredible results without even understanding it. But if you connect to God, first, you’ll get the power He freely gives, which will make it radically easier to grasp and follow the truths outlined in this book.

You could be set free!Believe me—He wants your marriage saved far more than you do.

It’s really as simple and yet, impossible, as that. If you are serious about doing everything possible to save your marriage, you will do what this books says and be amazed.

P.S. I found a LOT of women writing reviews who said they hated this book. Not one of them said they tried what the books says, and it failed. Nope. They said they hated it, and some had not even read it. Go figure. Some said it terrified them. Some said “yeah. right.”

Not one said, “I tried it and the book was wrong.” Not one said that.

I’m tellin’ ya’. I tried it. It’s right. I’m so sure you will find it so, that if you’re serious and if you read and apply Me? Obey Him? and find it untrue, I will buy it back from you. Period.

6 thoughts on “Pro Bono Book Review*

  1. sage_brush says:

    I agree with you – another great book for women is “You Can be the Wife of a Happy Husband,” by Darien B. Cooper. This is another one that can get many females dander up. I’m sorry to say they have no sense of shame whatsoever.

    1 Timothy 2:8-10

    8 I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.

    9 In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;

    10 But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.

  2. A. Renee says:

    I have read this book. It really opened my eyes to a few things.I know it’s hard to swallow for some but it really is a good read.

    • Home's Cool! says:

      Thanks for this kind comment, Renee, and WELCOME to The Conquering Mom! 🙂
      You summarized it perfectly: eye-opener, hard to swallow for some, but really good. Yes! Hope you come back and enjoy more, soon!

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