Conquering Injustice

Unfair suffering happens to us all, but why suffer needlessly?

You live on this earth. You know how it feels to get that blow below the belt or stab in the back. You just don’t know what to do about it. Here is a resource list for all your unhappy days. Hope it helps.

For a detailed look at pain and forgiveness consider the “Ash Wednesday” series, below. So many have loved it!

  1. Ashes to Ashes – Why suffering comes to us.
  2. Dust to Dust – What to do about it.
  3. Denial, Excuses, and Folly – What forgiveness is NOT. (Wonderful news!)
  4. What if I Don’t Wanna? – The unforgivable sin?
  5. Wrapped in Nothing but a Bedsheet! – The Man of Mercies shining.

When you just need to wrap your head around major unfairness in your life, try the “Anatomy of Pain” series.

  1. An Anatomy of Pain – Intro to an “autopsy” of mental and/or emotional hurt and/or pain.
  2. Like a Sledge-Hammer –  Why painful things have to hurt.
  3. What in the World Is Forgiveness? – And what it is NOT.
  4. The Real Enemy – Stopping some pain before it starts.
  5. Conclusion – Purpose, promises, and patience.

Now. You have read all you need to begin living free. Make good use if it! Pass it along! Share it with friends!