Sun, Moon, or Meteor?

Full Moon view from earth In Belgium (Hamois)....

I’ve been thinking lately about meteors and the moon.

Isn’t it odd how we pay such attention to the sparkle of the meteor showers and usually fail to notice the moon? Yet the moon is the constant reassurance we have that the sun still shines, and the meteors are not much — fragments, showy, transient . . .

The moon is like the Church.

She may have her ups and downs, her dark side that comes and goes, but all her light is from her Sun, the Lord.

The wife/mom, too, is like the moon in her family, shining more or less due to her relation to her sun, having her ups and downs, her darker moments—but her brightness comes from her sun and proves her sun still exists when he is not visible.

I believe the day and night cycles happen in a family. Times of the sun’s darkness are for the moon to show her stuff, to show the way.

While looking at the sun or staying in its day of brightness too long can harm—the calm, gentle light of the moon is soothing, showing more than the time of day, but measuring out the far more intricate months.

Whereas the sun threatens and insists we work, the moon guides and guards our rest; shows us the way through the sun’s down times.

Although the sun drives us to strive, the  moon draws and soothes us to calmness.

And how terrifying the moonless night!


Be the moon that guides your babes. Be the moon to husband's sun.Take His yoke and learn from Him, for His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

You can do it if you have Christ in you, the hope of glory.

Lead through the intricate maze laid out for your children during times of darkness.

Show the way.

Be steady and dependable.

Guide, guard, and calm.


Draw them unto Jesus.

You must.



6 thoughts on “Sun, Moon, or Meteor?

  1. Kate Kresse says:

    oh how i love this post…..i have never once thought about the moon as that kind of metaphor! Of course we can lead them through Christ’s way…the intricate maze….guide. guard, and calm. soothe. draw them unto Jesus. indeed we truly must. wow, kath….

  2. Victoria T. says:

    What a great metaphor! Also wonderful to see you posting here again. 🙂 This brings to mind a mother with a new baby, getting up many times in the night while the sun sleeps to soothe, comfort, nourish in the darkness. I’m sure her face and touch is a moon to that little life. Thought of this because my best friend just had her baby, I think it was Monday, and she is very good at shining when her sun is not.

    Thanks for this.

    • Katharine Trauger says:

      “her face and touch is a moon to that little life”

      You get it, Victoria! And thanks for your kind words!

      The new mother has to shine 24/7, but with rests between. She naps when the baby does.

      The sun cannot sleep on the job, so must crash into the horizon every night! 😀

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