Pro Bono Book Review*

Are you serious, yet? Have you wondered what's so wonderful about marriage? Are you trying your best and not getting anywhere? Maybe you're trying at the wrong things. Maybe an adjustment would make a world of difference for you. Maybe you need this book.

My Friend

You attempt to dwell upon the child-support payment that did not come, again, but is not a good time for that, either, so you give up and decide to be happy.

Homebound Education

. Don't you cherish listening to people who share awe-inspiring stories about the beginnings of home schooling their children? I do! Each account reveals the precise guiding hand of God on each family’s decision to home school. Each tells of joy that has come because of the benefits. The opposite story is true, for some, … Continue reading Homebound Education

Smarter than a Worm? Let’s See…

I have been moving some mulch, from a storage pile to our flowerbeds. It had been a deep pile of decomposing pine needles. Under it, in place of the grass, was mellow topsoil, the stuff gardeners dream about. Evidently, earthworms consider it the stuff of dreams, too, because as I bustled about, I discovered several … Continue reading Smarter than a Worm? Let’s See…

Grandmother’s Wisdom: Are We Disposable?

Today while I was tidying the kitchen, I made fresh coffee in my favorite two-cup pot. It’s an old-time drip-through I found at a garage sale, stocky and leaky, but it makes the best couple o’ cups around. It made me think of me: not as shiny as I used to be, out of order, … Continue reading Grandmother’s Wisdom: Are We Disposable?

Seven Reasons Your Christian Husband Cannot Do Better – Part 2

 Reason #2 – He Has Been Cursed I’m sticking my neck out, here. Stay with me. The truth is that our husbands face many draining words in the course of a normal day; Those nagging words you speak: “Why can’t you remember a thing I say?!” Those foretelling words his mother always spoke: “Darling, you … Continue reading Seven Reasons Your Christian Husband Cannot Do Better – Part 2