Why We Do This – Men

Man and woman.


Really. Why do we women want a man?

And why do we think, FINALLY, we have found a good man?

And why do we think finding a good man means finding a perfect one?

It all began in the mind of God. He set it up in the first place. Really. From the outset, when God said, “It is not good that man should be alone,” He arranged that manKIND would be a dual entity, as the animals were, rather than being a single unit, as he was at first. Not good. (Genesis 2:18-24)

Why not good?

Well, because, from the outset, God wanted to show His glory. (Genesis 19:3-6; Ephesians 3:10-11) Sounds selfish, but when you know you have no defects and you know you have all the answers to everyone’s misery, you sort of advertise: Hey, let ME help — I’m a doctor. Or Do this the way I showed you, and it will work! Or I made a really cool electric train village; come and look, you will not be sorry . . .

See? We can grasp this huge concept easily. Not so vainglorious, right?

No, God is perfect in very way. He has every right to advertise. He knows more than any professional on earth, more than anyone ever has known. And He made some really cool stuff.

He wants us to know about the great offers He has, and puts up signage everywhere we look: mountains, stars, tiny flowers, butterflies, geysers, lightning and thunder, waterfalls and mists, rainbows, kittens, hummingbirds, men . . . MEN?!

Yes, men.

A man, when in conjunction with a woman, makes a perfect advertisement for God.

Umm, that is, when we do it right.

Then we show his glory in an amazing way.

Doing the man/woman thing right, means doing it His way. He set it up. He knows how it was made to work. He hates when we break it because it IS really cool when we don’t break it.

More tomorrow.


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