Smarter than a Worm? Let’s See…

I have been moving some mulch, from a storage pile to our flowerbeds. It had been a deep pile of decomposing pine needles. Under it, in place of the grass, was mellow topsoil, the stuff gardeners dream about. Evidently, earthworms consider it the stuff of dreams, too, because as I bustled about, I discovered several … Continue reading Smarter than a Worm? Let’s See…

Adam or Eve: Who’s Better in a Crisis?

My man is so good at things I'm not good at. He can handle stress like an iron man, while I panic and flop around like a beached fish. He knows what to do when political things invade our lives, and I just want to shout. He has a GPS inside his brain; but I … Continue reading Adam or Eve: Who’s Better in a Crisis?

Getting a cow for our pasture

The Exceptions to “Yes, Sir!”

  Do we always have to do what husband says? Yes. And no. It’s complicated, but not too complicated for a woman. So hang on and we will talk about the yes/no existence of woman. First, the Yes Part Yes, the command to wives is for me to subordinate my will to his. If we disagree, his … Continue reading The Exceptions to “Yes, Sir!”

The Battle . . .

One night, long ago, I walked the floor with a very sick child. Wiping his forehead and body with a damp cloth and humming to him softly seemed to help him. It took hours, but finally he slept. In the process, we accumulated an entire load of soiled bedding, which truly needed washing, immediately. So … Continue reading The Battle . . .