Tired. Dog tired.

This week’s posts answer several questions from a dear woman in a wrenching situation. I answered her immediately and privately, awhile back. Recently postpartum with her first child, she wonders about the effects of her wounded and out-lashing husband. She wonders if it would be better for the baby to live without a dad. Here … Continue reading Tired. Dog tired.

CONCESSIONS – Sent on Saturday Letter #3, part 1

Dearest Angela, I just love your questions!  Let’s see—do we women have to make all the concessions? Oh, no, not at all! Please understand that I’m writing to you only what you, Angela, can do. You can’t do one thing about the things God requires of Dan. You must understand that I am not writing … Continue reading CONCESSIONS – Sent on Saturday Letter #3, part 1

Sent on Saturday – Letter #2, part 3

Dearest Angela, Do you want to know what is easy? It is so easy, as a wife watching her husband, to want to change the channel. Some women, in reference to "husband watching" are real channel surfers. It's not funny, though. And some of us are just as tempted to hit the "escape" button, aren't we. … Continue reading Sent on Saturday – Letter #2, part 3

Sent On Saturday – Letter #2, part 2

Dearest Angela, I’ve been wondering something: how is it that we can see God wanting us to bear with the weaknesses of our parents, our neighbors, and our children, but we cannot see God’s will that way, regarding our husbands’ imperfections? I think it is because we think we’ve picked out our husbands all by … Continue reading Sent On Saturday – Letter #2, part 2

Pyramids of Egypt

The Exceptions to “Yes, Sir!” — part 2

The Bible gives one big, perfect example of life as a wife, in the life of Abraham’s wife, Sarah. We find a pithy mention of her in 1 Peter 3:4-6, where it talks about the “inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. For … Continue reading The Exceptions to “Yes, Sir!” — part 2