About Dating, part 4

Q: What Does Dating Have to Do With Jesus? A: Everything. Absolutely everything. Dating is an extremely spiritual thing, and we don’t get that. Fasten your seatbelt and we’ll fly through a short course in truth. Adam was the first Adam. Jesus was the second Adam. Don’t have to get that, just remember it for … Continue reading About Dating, part 4

About Dating, part 2

Okay, so why is the goal of marital faithfulness so universal? Or: Why did God build this program into all people? It is because His Son is a Bridegroom, waiting for a pure bride. A good marriage pictures nearly everything that happens in the heavenlies. Some do not think of marriage as God’s idea. They … Continue reading About Dating, part 2

Adam or Eve: Who’s Better in a Crisis?

My man is so good at things I'm not good at. He can handle stress like an iron man, while I panic and flop around like a beached fish. He knows what to do when political things invade our lives, and I just want to shout. He has a GPS inside his brain; but I … Continue reading Adam or Eve: Who’s Better in a Crisis?

Sent On Saturday – Letter #2

Dearest Angela, I am so glad my last letter blessed you! I can tell you have put a lot of thought into it. Please do not be embarrassed to ask questions. So. What if he’s wrong? Good question! Can you believe I’m glad you asked? Trouble is, there are so many answers, I may get … Continue reading Sent On Saturday – Letter #2

Whoa, Man!

I've been interested in word origins since I was very little. And I used to think the word "woman" meant, or was short for, "whoa, man!" (Seemed appropriate for public restroom doors.) Even as a child, I could see the "man" in the word. If we go back to the original concepts behind the idea, … Continue reading Whoa, Man!