Who could bring these lovelies into a dirty, musty house?!

Grandmother’s Wisdom: Spring Cleaning

  They tell me old timers used to practice Spring cleaning every year. My mother did. For a long while, I felt guilty when I failed even to nod in that direction. Now I realize why they did it and why they had the energy. And what a blessing it was, in disguise. They had … Continue reading Grandmother’s Wisdom: Spring Cleaning

Grandmother’s Wisdom – Chicken Sense

Hard to get mad at a young chicken. But they can be so dumb! Last spring we tried repeatedly to coax our new hennies to venture outdoors. They’d  spent their entire short lives huddled under a warming lamp and were afraid of anything but their gloomy four walls. Staying cooped up weakens their health. They … Continue reading Grandmother’s Wisdom – Chicken Sense