Eclipse of Sun in totality, showing corona.

Eclipsing God

God is like the sun; the Church is like the moon.

What an eclipse has to do with God. And marriageA common explanation of the Church’s relationship to God is that as the moon reflects the sun, the Church is to reflect the light of the Lord.

I’ve always loved this. It seems so utterly right to me. I mean, God is WAY bigger than the church, right? He’s far more powerful, right? And scarier?

It’s really a pretty good comparison if you think about it.

The sun is far too intense to be our only light at all times; many of us feel a lot like that about God.

The moon quietly and gently guides us through the dark times when we don’t see the sun; isn’t this what the Church does for times when folks lack spiritual light?

We don’t dare look at the sun for dread of blindness; no one can see God and live.

Yet the moon is beautiful and many gaze directly upon it for hours; the Church has its lovely moments, too.

The sun is constant; the moon has stages, and so are God and the Church.

You know that’s true.

How eclipse plays in this.

But tossing in the eclipse—doesn’t that break down the comparison?

No, sadly, we also find a truth here. Spiritual eclipses are no cause for celebration.

You see, while God daily and richly supplies us with all we need to support this body and life, sometimes His Church just plainly gets in the way and causes darkness where there should be light.

You’ve seen it before, maybe even helped it along a bit. Helping God know where He needs to get off doesn’t help.

And what about it?

And, woman, do not forget: Your marriage is a picture of Christ and the Church, for all in this world to see and understand how beautiful is the beauty of God’s ways.

Don’t picture the blundering Church as she blocks out her Lord.

Reflect your husband; don’t obliterate him.


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