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Top Ten Posts of 2016

Y’all just keep on visiting! I am so thankful! Here’s what everyone found most fun/exciting/worthwhile. Enjoy!

  1. The beginning of a series on what in the world is wrong with your husband! 
  2. A sweet and true story about how all moms are totally wonderful!
  3. Another story! (Y’all like stories.) A sad one about my friend.
  4. How a song made me do better.
  5. I thought this one would make you mad, but nope; you loved it!
  6. For the single or barren woman who thinks this site does not apply.
  7. Are you practicing excellence? Or are you OCD?
  8. Is a husband the boss of a wife? Hmm?
  9. What if you do not like submission?
  10. Getting serious about humor.

There you go! The best of my best, just for you. Because I love when you smile. 🙂

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