Mission: Submission

Mosquitos can nag, interrupt, and botherSure. It’s easy for you . . . . Is that what you think?

You may think my life has been easy for me because my husband is a Christian. However, neither of us were Christians when we married. My husband was not a Christian when I first began submitting.

My submission was how he first heard God’s call. That might sound braggy on my part, but if anyone can learn from it and get some relief, it will have been worth the risk.

It’s really simple, though.

You know how hard it is to concentrate on a phone conversation when the children are clamoring in your other ear? Well, to a husband, it is the same when a wife is trying to influence him. He just cannot hear God very well at all.

For this reason, God published rules about phone use when He is on the line with your husband. It’s not much different, at all, from how we wish our children would show simple courtesy.

  • If you want to talk to me when I’m on the phone, stand quietly and wait.
  • Is anyone bleeding? Is anything on fire? No? Then hush!

It’s really that simple. When wives are quiet, husbands CAN hear God.

Whether they want to, or not.

This elementary idea hardly seems difficult.

Do we ever miss it!

I used to be afraid God would not give my husband the message I wanted him to get. You know what? I found out, often God does NOT tell him what I think he needs to hear, but it turns out fine, anyway. Hmm. Who’d have thought?

It gets worse, though. When a noisy wife keeps buzzing like a mosquito, her husband not only cannot hear God, he also cannot learn how to hear God. He also does not want to hear God or learn how to hear God.

The whole idea just stinks to him.

After all, he already has someone trying to be God for him, and it has NOT been much fun, or even worked very well. The whole God-idea is tiresome to him.

Are there no exceptions?

If you are normal, you are totally wondering about murder and bank robbery. What if he wants you to do something actually bad, something that could get you arrested or killed? What if it’s more important than the paint color you fought for yesterday?

Well, then call the cops. You do have recourse. If he really is in fact wrong, he’ll soon be in jail and then you can be the wife of a convict. That is the right way to go.

You might first have to find a safe place to live, if he is violent, but separating, for the sake of your own physical safety, is not the same as divorcing over a paint color. You can do it, if your situation is truly that bad, and God will go with you all the way. He will strengthen you to be the wife your husband needs, no matter what. He will need a strong wife who can witness to him and bless him while he does his time.

Then God will regard the low estate of His handmaiden and future generations will call you blessed.

Much, much love,

Aunt Vic

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