Is My Husband My Boss?

Cluttered mess at workWhat a strange thing!

Really. If I were to disagree with a boss at work and had to show him a measure of deference, I could walk away from it and sleep at night!

If I knew he was wrong, I could still allow him to make his own mistakes. I could still come to work the next day, even if it meant mopping up after him.

Why is it?

It would bother me to have this extra work, of course, and to see the boss suffer for his mistake, but, “Hey, it’s his business; he’s gotta learn; give him a little space, right? Besides, I’m getting paid.”

How odd some of us cannot see our husbands in the same light!

Probably we think we take our position a little more seriously at home. We feel more responsible for the outcome at home.

After all, God requires parents to answer for the input in their children’s lives, right? Marriage is a sacred organism that neither spouse should transgress. Is that what we think? Love for husband and children is stronger than it would be for any boss.

This rationalization may make sense in some thought circles, but is not completely accurate.

God requires the mother to answer only for the input that she makes. If she is disobedient, guess which type of input she provides for her supposed beloved children—disobedience.

While she cannot answer for, control, nor prevent the husband’s transgressions, she sins against the marriage, herself, when she steps outside of submission. If he has wronged her, she adds her wrong to her husband’s, making a double reason for blessings to fall away from the union.

The temptation to think we love our bosses less, and therefore we obey them (or we love our spouses more and therefore disobey them) is wacky.

It may be, though, that we do not love our husbands enough to relate to them in a Godly manner. Maybe we do not love our children enough, to model loving commitment during hard situations.

We may think our commitment at work is less, or our chance of great loss at home is more. We think we can always leave a job if it becomes too intense and we could never do that in a marriage, right?

So why do we act more “Christian” at work than at home?

The truth? The deference we might show to a boss, whether we agree or not, is the LEAST we owe to a husband.

The least.

The fact that a wife should remain with her husband until  one of them dies should be a BIG incentive for even MORE display of loyalty.

See tomorrow’s post. Love, Aunt Vic

3 thoughts on “Is My Husband My Boss?

  1. Godsfruitful says:

    Aunt Vic, you’re right😊 I’ve been married for going on 27years and my husband is very kind and supportive. A husband also has a role to follow according to God’s Word and that’s love his wife as Christ loved the church. We women tend to be emotional thinkers, where as men are not🤔 I believe that when we are following God’s commands toward our husband, that they see it and feel loved and appreciated, which in turn causes everybody to be happier🙂
    I just started blogging two weeks ago for the purpose of encouraging others in Christ. I want to invite you to check out my blogs, and if interested follow me back. I believe that it’s important to support others on here, as we all are trying to build up the kingdom of Christ. Have a blessed day and keep up your great work for Him😊🎈

    • katharinetrauger says:

      Thank you for your kind words, here, Kim, and WELCOME to The Conquering Mom! 🙂 I hope you read around and enjoy your stay.
      Isn’t Aunt Vic a gift!
      I did not mark every post, this week, as a guest post, but Aunt Vic is guesting for me this week that has been so busy for me. I’m so glad she was available!
      Yes, the men have a job to do, too, but we women usually think part of our job is making the men do theirs.
      Not. It’s just the whole problem when we do that.
      Men do have emotions! They just see the benefit more easily than we, of not letting emotions rule the life. That makes them such good leaders, if we will just be good followers!

      Thank you for inviting me over to your place, but I’ll have to take a rain check for a few days, as my schedule is packed. I’ll turn up eventually. 😉

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