Have You Ever Been Kidnapped?

When someone takes a child away from his parents against their will, without any provocation, what do we call it?

Kidnapping, of course. Right?

So why are we okay with the government taking our children away from us and locking them into unarmed-police-state type institutions?

Oh, yes, we did vote, long ago, for free, compulsory education. We overlooked the fact that “compulsory” is not free.

Now we see.

Good has come from the schools of long ago, including the intended results that all US citizens enjoy a common language and all voters be well-educated.

The big idea, that all voters be well-educated is slipping away, fast.

As is the common language that made us so strong.

Although I tend to reminisce a lot about the good ol’ days, I must realize we are not there, anymore. The idea of the states controlling their own educational systems was good, but is fading as Uberama takes over.

These days have big troubles that have stemmed from the good ol’ days when folks trusted so much, they even forgot what they learned in school and began trusting the government. For some reason, they did not know that government of the people, by the people, and for the people would not be what we would get from an education that is of, by, and for the government.

Instead, we now have the government killing as many babies as it can, then appropriating more and more money for brainwashing the few who remain.

As our government attacks us more every day, we need to hug our children ever closer to our sides, like the targets of kidnapping they have become.

Unhappy child.


What can I say? It was free. Now it’s gone. And…

“Although I tend to reminisce a lot about the good ol’ days, I must realize we are not there, anymore.”

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Is this making any sense?

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