For MAN Only!

Man and woman, Male and female, marriage, happy.Are you man?


All women are man.

Sometimes we contextualize (dumb down) such a statement by saying that all women are a segment of “mankind” or we may go all scientific and say that women are human.

But, as with any translation, using a different word often causes some meaning to fall off.

We’re all man.

The males are man. The females are man.

When we want to differentiate between male and female, sometimes we say “man” and “woman”.


Why do we call males only “man” and choose a specialized form of the word for the females?

Because females are specialized. We, basically, are special. We have a hugely more noticeable specialization in the formation of our bodies.

We have wombs.

Hence the name: Womb-Man. Woman.

I’d have it no other way.

How about you? Feel like returning to the real meaning of things? Let us know! 🙂

Is this making any sense?

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