The Katey Papers – 5

A glass of milk.So. We’re supposed to crave Spiritual milk.

What IS it?

Hebrews 5:11-6:3 lists “milk”. It calls the following elementary truths “milk”:

  • Repentance from acts that lead to death
  • Faith in God
  • Baptism
  • Laying on hands
  • Resurrection

How many of these things are totally misunderstood, ignored, or squelched by so-called mature men of God!

Yet God calls it the milk, the beginning teaching for someone newly born of God. Every person in your newly-born position, Katey, should be camping on the above few teachings.

But most just want to jump into the pulpit, instead.

We each first need a huge dose of humility and God cares enough to provide it for us. We always need to realize our enemy is just WAITING for one of us to become his next tender morsel. One way he does this is to get us to stop drinking at the fountain of Spiritual milk before it is time we were weaned.

Every young, self-proclaimed, newly-called preacher desperately needs an old, slow, seasoned preacher at his elbow, reigning him in.

The same is true for newly-saved wives who’ve begun thinking they’ve been called to straighten out, save, or preach to their husbands. Really, their need is for an old, thinking, slow sister, who’s been through tons of mistakes and knows the way out of them: humility.

We all need someone who is well-versed in the entire counsel of God, to lead us when we are brand new. We act like fools. We make glaring mistakes and cannot even see it. We foul up what God would do, in the name of helping. Like Saul. Saul later changed his name to “Paul”, meaning little.

We all need a big dose of “little”.

This list of “milk” is also an excellent check list of ways to be a better person, better Christian, better woman, better wife. Yes, these lists from the last post and from today’s help us be better wives.

Notice this important directive: We are not to reject these teachings, but to CRAVE them. Isn’t this the opposite of what we tend to do! Peter was so wise. Only after we have nursed on the sweet milk of God, the sweet breast of the true Church, for a sufficient time, does God give the call to move beyond it.

We must put first things first.

I never think I have grown up so much as to shun a good, fresh glass of milk. Although this is referring to nursing, to weaning, and to becoming ready for solids, He does lead us to a land flowing with milk and honey for some reason, doesn’t He?

Don’t shun the milk, Katey. Gorge on it. Become irremediably familiar with it. Relax and relish in it. Wait for solids until Father has said it is time to wean.

It is so important to the health of the babes!

On to part 6.


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