The care and feeding of hormones

Overheard: God Created Hormones

It’s a Truth.


He made man, male and female. Along with much of the rest of creation, he caused us to be attracted to each other through hormones.

True, again.

So tell me, why did He load us up with tons of desire and then forbid our using it?

Good question. And the answer is:

He didn’t.

The proper care and feeding of hormones.

In fact, He told us we should use our God-given desire like glue to hold us tight to one another. He just said to keep it inside of a single, committed relationship He called marriage.

He had many, many reasons for that, but one of the simpler reasons that anyone, Christian or not, can grasp, is the prevention of STDs. Well, wow, we couldn’t have known, right? For ages, no one guessed. However, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know how to escape such diseases. Just takes one-man/one-woman.

How simplistic!

How inhibiting!

Yep. I’ll take the simplicity of disease-free life, any day.

I’ll take the inhibiting of diseases any day.

Another, slightly more complicated reason (but not too hard for some) is the engendering of stable offspring.

Hormones and Happiness--long may they live!You know – the boys who grow up to become useful men because of having a useful dad; the girls who grow up to become useful women because of having a useful example in Mom. It’s not too hard, really. We see the opposite results every day. Don’t we.

Admit it: You know friends who have suffered greatly from not having  two stable parents hanging around, making their lives complete. And although the adults may have attended church, they did not act like Christians, did not act like Christ.

Did they.

Admit it.

Those in these circumstances who grow up whole are the exception. Aren’t they.

A bit harder, yet – in fact, far too hard for a non-Christian to grasp, is the picture we make of Christ and the Church. So pure. So perfect. So right. So, umm, exciting. Yes, exciting is a good word.

Christian marriage is exciting. All the hormone response you could ever hope for (daily, if you want), no disease, and kids who turn out. What’s not to like?

And if you do not see this relationship in your church, with Christ, you need to find a good church.


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