It Happened Again

Mother and Child

Mother and Child (Photo credit: Nanda Sunu)

I wanted to reach through my screen, grab the writer by the shirt, and shout when I read it:

“She bravely walked away from her career to have a baby [. . .]  walked away from her job [. . .] I’m sure you know someone – or are that someone – who put their career on hold for family [. . .] “

So began a post about how to profit while ditching career for family.

Sure, I knew what the writer meant.

I also recognized his grand gesture of saluting her bravery.

Hers was a brave act, in these days, foregoing 6-digit employment to cook and clean for a mere handful of people.

Think about it. She used to suit up in expensive attire, choose from zillions of darling shoes, maneuver a shiny car through intricate mazes, elevate to the top of a skyscraper, handle millions without blinking.

But I also knew the writing was wrong, so wrong.

She did NOT give up her career.


She vacated that career, yes, but it was someone else’s to begin with.

And when she began giving her family the time of day, she found her career.

She finally stopped walking away from it.

She opened her eyes to true reality.

She matured and eased into a nobler niche.

She did not lose an important career.

She found it.

8 thoughts on “It Happened Again

  1. Ruth Bailey says:

    And her family will be happier, calmer, together, have greater riches with less stuff… the benefits go on and on. She now works 18 – 24 hour days with little to no vacation, has greater responsibilities and less recognition, continual on-the-job training, no pay raises, and few tangible rewards. But what a great job! And now, for you and me, when the chicks have flown from the nest, we have time (but maybe not energy) to do all those things we set aside in order to do the most important career. 😉

    • katharinetrauger says:

      Hello, Ruth! Thanks for stopping by and for such a great comment!

      “greater riches with less stuff” — Iove that!
      Also, “Little to no vacation”! I remember going places, but living out of several suitcase (one just for diapers!) is difficult, and there was always that mid-week laundromat visit . . .

      And you surely have found a great way to spend those fleeting “retirement” years! 🙂

  2. Kate Kresse says:

    amen amen. she vacated what was temporary and ran towards what is permanent. Her being a professional mom and wife will sculpt her into an amazing masterpiece for her Creator. May she never look back. The vista of her new vocation will be rich and beautiful. When you do God’s work, the view is amazing.

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