Tired and All, All Alone.

Example of dark circles

Example of dark circles

How quickly solitude can flip, can convert to loneliness!

No one else you know has just delivered a baby, at your age, right? Where can you find support?

No one else you know lives with quite such a quarrelsome husband, right? To whom would you dare confess?

You are not all alone, though, if you have Jesus. This may sound trite, but really, the truth is timeless and we’ve run out of different ways to say it. He is always there for you. His care for you continues even when you are too tired to care for yourself. His love for you increases even when you’ve lost the strength to love.

Jesus knew sleep deprivation, too. He knows how you feel, even better than I do. He stayed up, sometimes all night, on several occasions. They used to call it keeping watch. He kept the night watches, praying all night, seeking and finding the will of His Father. I sympathize with His sleeping during a storm on a small boat. We sleep when we can, those of us who have interrupted nights, don’t we?

Jesus also endured temptation to give up. Sometimes He voiced the temptations He faced. Once He even said, “Oh, how long shall I be with you?” How uncannily familiar that rings! Almost, you have proposed the same question: How long must I endure an obstinate partner? Is this really God’s will? How long is long enough or too long? Yes, Jesus was tempted to give up.

He knows the way out of all the temptations, too. In the words of a famous song, “You never gave up./You never gave in./You never said, ‘No, can’t take any more of this.’” That was Jesus.

Do not forget to turn to Him every day. You can ask Him for strength and He will give it to you. This is the truth. His strength is the only thing that can sustain us through a tough time.

Eventually, after I recover from my attitude, those times become my favorites, because of the glory of observing His hand working in my life! It is so wonderful to be able actually to SEE Him at work, changing me to be the way I wish I were. Jesus can make so much progress in my life, where I seem to improve so slowly, if any, on my own.

I pray for you, dear Sister, and possibly many of the readers do, too. By God’s grace, I will not let you down. Christian sisters are supposed to uphold each other.

What a joyful gift from God!

What a privilege to share your burden with you!

Bask in His love. Lie back and rest in His care. Cast it all upon Him.


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7 thoughts on “Tired and All, All Alone.

  1. Courtney B. says:

    Beautifully written! When you feel like you can’t do it anymore rest in the fact that God already knows the outcome of your situation so there’s no need to worry or stress about it.

  2. faerylandmom says:

    Don’t do your best and let God take care of the rest? NO! Let God take care of it all, and make sure you spend your life resting in his arms, surrendered. It’s okay to be propped up for awhile by sisters – that’s what we were created for!

    Praying for this dear, precious momma.

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