When a Man Gives Birth

It happens.

A man.

A man.

Twice in history it has happened.

Sort of.

I mean, twice in history, a man looked around, could find no suitable partner for life, and his side was opened, and gave rise to the existence of another “one” who was like him, suitable for him.

Okay, we know the Bible, in the book of Genesis, written thousands of years ago, tells us of Adam being in this situation. He names all the animals. It’s great fun I’m sure, but none are suitable. God opens his side, and makes (the Hebrew says, “builds”) a helper for him.


Then He says that THIS is the reason for marriage, that the man has finally found the one suitable for him. Genesis 3:24

He has the elephants for heavy lifting, the horses for speedy delivery, the birds for music, the pigeons for long-distance communication, the giraffes for reaching the top branches, but none of it is enough. Nothing in all creation is suitable for Adam, to solve the fact that he, alone, is human, and has no one with whom he can be human.

It’s not for procreation. It’s not for sex. It’s not for fun, cuteness, humor, intelligence, etc. It’s for helping this man, for whom it is not good to be alone.

And although you may think the point is that you should help your husband, we’re going elsewhere with this.

Although you should help your husband.

The first words Eve ever hears spoken by human tongue are, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh [. . . ] for she was taken out of man.”

And now we do come to the point:

Who else in history arrived on the scene, looked around a lot, named some of what He saw, slept briefly, awoke with a scar in His side, to a new creation that was actually a building? To someone who, at last, was suitable, was not only human, for He, Himself, was not only human, but also spiritual?

Ladies, this holy and awesome event is what we were made to picture.

The glory!


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7 thoughts on “When a Man Gives Birth

    • katharinetrauger says:

      Thanks for these kind words, Ms D., and welcome to TheConqueringMom! I checked over at your site and cannot wait until you have some content up there! 😉
      This teaching blew me away, too, the first time I heard it. I believe it originates with a preacher in Durant, Oklahoma, named Duane Sheriff. I know he has the whole teaching on tapes free for the asking. I love his teachings and this one just resonates with me lots.
      Glad you enjoyed your visit here and hope you return soon!

  1. faerylandmom says:

    Everything means something in Scripture. The more I read, the more I know this to be true, and this is yet another parallel I had not seen. Thank you for pointing it out!

  2. Samantha D Humphries says:

    Thank you for helping me see this picture that we are to see in scripture where the relationship between Adam and Eve is sort of a display of the relationship God was looking for between Christ and the church. You always make things easy for me to understand 🙂

    • Katharine says:

      You are so welcome and I am so glad this has helped in some small way! Welcome to The Conquering Mom, too! I hope you look around some, and enjoy what you see! ❤

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