Sent on Saturday – Letter #2, part 3

Dearest Angela,

Do you want to know what is easy?

It is so easy, as a wife watching her husband, to want to change the channel.

Some women, in reference to “husband watching” are real channel surfers.

It’s not funny, though. And some of us are just as tempted to hit the “escape” button, aren’t we.

We’re trained to expect ease. No one has to pound a manual typewriter anymore, and roll the paper out to erase an error. No one has to stage a play to enjoy drama. No one has to learn an instrument to play music.

Everything is instant.

With sanctification, though, we know we slowly become more and more like Jesus as we see more of His beauty lived out before us, and as we draw closer to Him, cry out to Him more, and learn to lean more fully upon His strength. We are being conformed to His image.

All of us, except husbands, who have to be totally, instantly, and unfailingly perfect from the words, “I do.”

It’s almost as if we tell them, “Be ye perfect, for I am perfect.” Scary, unrighteous stuff.

We wives all need to put our trusty pointer fingers back into their holsters and ask a different question: “What if I am wrong?” That is such a better attitude.

The Word says: Do justice. Love mercy. Walk humbly. (Micah 6:8) That should mean that my chores, my dress, all my doing, should come from the standard of justice, but all my relationships (my loving!) should follow the higher standard of mercy. Why? Because before God, we should be humble. (He sees. He knows.)

How does this translate into action?

To return to the toothpaste cap, it means it is wrong for me to leave my cap open because it is an unclean and wasteful practice. It is also wrong for me to pass by his cap without closing it for him, for the same reasons. (We are one, remember?)

It is also wrong for me to judge, resent, or nag him about it, because of the greater law of mercy.

I joyfully cap mine out of duty, and quietly cap his out of love.

If I can do that without pride, God is satisfied.

It is a beautiful goal.

With all my love,

Aunt Vic

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