Does Happily Ever After Exist?

How hard is it to achieve?

What is the SURE way to get God to do whatever you want?

After a few wrong starts, we learn the truth, which when really truth, is inescapable: The way to get God to do what you want is to want what God wants.

It’s that easy.

Often we want what we want, when we want it, “my way or the highway”. He knows what would be good for someone else, but not good for us. He wants us for some higher good than we want.

Guess who wins.

We want the stuff of this temporary life to go perfect; God wants our spiritual life to be perfect.

Think. We begin life as a single person. Eventually, my body, personality, and spirit are separate from anyone. Then we meet that one who is good-looking, funny, smart, and getting ahead in the world, and we know this is it: This is our time to become a dual entity, a part of someone else. We marry. The babies come, and suddenly, suddenly, that man has a spiritual side that we didn’t know we were “married to”. Suddenly, suddenly, we want Sunday School, and he abhors “religion”. Or we go so far as to want God, actually, and he abhors God.

We think marriage is physical, but it is one of the most spiritual things a person can do.

Suddenly, we’ve found there is more to life than a pretty face and some of the “ugly” teen guys we passed up have turned into fairly decent-looking 30’s and they take their families to church, too. Out comes the truth: We didn’t really love our husband; we just loved our imagination of life with him, we let our imagination run away with us, and it backfired. Oops.

So we begin our hopeless campaign, to change a human being into a different human being.

Only God can truly change a man and we wives think we are God. Oh, we don’t realize that’s what we think, but that’s it, nevertheless. We realize we’ve been stupid, led around by the hormone rings in our noses, willing to jump into any mess that promises a man, any man. Now we see, the hormones were not the reason for the marriage, just the glue for it. We panic.

What to do! What to do!

More next time.

4 thoughts on “Does Happily Ever After Exist?

  1. Karen says:

    The answer to your question is YES. There may be bumps along the way but YES happily ever after is real. I am learning it is only by God’s grace.
    Thanks and love you.

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