Passing the Buck

Finger pointing


How fast does sin spread?


They’ve still got apple skin bits stuck in their teeth, juice on their chins, and they are in denial about blame.

The woman made me do it. The devil made me do it. My past made me do it, my parents made me do it, my teacher made me do it, my headache made me do it, my lack of sleep made me do it, my PMS made me do it, my mean boss, my condition, my nerves, my  . . .

At least they didn’t blame the apple, as we do these days, suing fast food companies when we spill coffee on ourselves. Next it will be the inventor of the fork.

Notice, though, no one but God blamed Adam.

Adam is a study! When he first sees beautiful, naked Eve, he says, “MINE! ALL MINE! AT LAST!” (Genesis 2:23)

Once it comes time to deal realistically with her, he drops the ball. When forced to face that mistake, he’s full of, “God, what’ve y’done? She’s all yours, now!”

Why is that?

Why is it that a man wants a wife, wants a wife, wants a wife, and then does not want to claim her, treat her, protect her, support her, strengthen her, correct her, help her, or sometimes even TALK to her? Sometimes doesn’t it seem they just want a second income, some arm candy, who never has a headache and can stick to a budget?

I mean, he was right there and never said a word until God forced him to answer for himself.

And why is it that a woman wants a husband, but wants no one over her for provision or protection or guidance? Why is it that the woman never thought to blame Adam? “The man you gave me to never said a word, just stood there watching me in my mixed up state, never even tried to set anything straight or stop me.” Where were those words?

And today, where are those words?

Is it just that neither men nor women believe much in the Godly order of marriage?

Or what?


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8 thoughts on “Passing the Buck

  1. C.M.Hardin says:

    Order and law have been sent to a gulag for reeducation–or so the new, would-be authors of reality would have it. The truth cannot be beaten out of the world. I guess they haven’t read the end of the book: evil always loses. It’s a fool who listens to evil when it claims to be greater than God. Especially, when you consider the fact evil cannot do anything outside of God’s ultimate design framework.

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