Alone, alone, all, all alone.

The Creation of Adam

The Creation of Adam

It was not good that man should be alone.

God said it.

Adam had God for conversation (a heretical concept to some of us) and he had all the animals, which were tame at the time, for entertainment.

Imagine—a guy on the loose for a few days with a dog to fetch for him, a horse to ride, an elephant to lift him to the tops of the fruit trees, chimps and apes to cavort with him, no need to cook, no house to clean, no dirty laundry, and no one to nag him about anything—would he feel lonely?

Rhetorical question. Notice God did not say “lonely”.

No, it almost seems it was God’s idea: He showed him all the animated ones of the creation, for purposes of naming. Each one consisted of a male and a female. Hmm…

I wonder if Adam was sort of looking around at that point, with his mind only half on the job. Could it be why he “named” the llama a “llama”?

Then it comes: The only thing God said was not good about creation was that there was no woman, no female expression of the human unit. It was not good that the human should be a single entity.

Now, I may step on some of our theological toes, but I’ll just be quoting: A few verses back, God has said “male and female”.

You may have wondered about the timeline, there, or just what gives, but I believe the man at first was “male and female”. And I want to show why (besides the fact that it says so.)

See, Adam was, from the beginning, supposed to be a forerunner, a “type”, of the Messiah.

And the Word says that the Bride of Christ was “in Him” when He was on the Cross.

And it was because Christ’s side was pierced that the Bride of Christ came into being.

And Adam’s side was opened so Eve could come into being.

And Eve became a type of the Church.

And all married women after her would be, also.

And only God could think up such a thing.

And desecrating it is really, really wrong.

4 thoughts on “Alone, alone, all, all alone.

  1. Karen says:

    I follow your train thought except for man at first was male/female. Could you explain a bit more on that. Gen. 1:27-28 says “male AND female created He THEM. And God blessed THEM, and God said unto THEM, Be fruitful, and multiply..” Any explanation would be appreciated. 🙂 Hope you had a good working holiday. Ours was GREAT.

    • katharinetrauger says:

      Thanks for this comment, Karen.
      Um. I am not sure I can explain to anyone’s satisfaction exactly what God was thinking, if that’s what you mean. I can explain my grasp of what He said, though.
      I believe God called man “them” just as He referred to Himself as “us” when He said, “Let us make man in our image.” I think you can follow that.
      Then, about the being fruitful and multiplying part — could be why He said it was not good that man be a single entity, eh?
      Of course, every earthly explanation of the Heavenly will break down, eventually. I rejoice in what I can see and wait for Him to reveal more. He always renews those who wait upon Him. 🙂

      The most important thing is that we not desecrate what we do have, what we do grasp. Marriage is nearly everything!

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