Bees work for us, increasing our profit, expanding our abilities.

Gramma’s Wisdom – Small Things

Scripture says knowing God’s will is a blessing.

Bee working dilligently to gathere for the winter.Sometimes doing it is hard.

At every step, the enemy of our souls is waiting for an opportunity to take out anyone he can and always watching for a chance to steal, kill, and destroy.

We can be his victims. Or we can fight that good fight of faith. The choice is ours and this is the meaning of the verse:

Choose ye this day whom ye will serve… (Joshua 24:15)

We serve the Lord when we:

  • make progress, move forward,
  • see our invisible enemy and beat him to the blessing,
  • receive the goodness God had planned for us,
  • take our place at the front, in any role from king to pawn.

So many think we must be doing something big for God, but He created a world full of small things that also serve Him.

The humble bee, for instance, has recently encountered much more respect for its astonishing service to us all. Calmly buzzing from flower to flower for centuries, it feeds us.

Worker bees keep us fed by pollenating our fruit and vegetable flowers.It goes where no man can go.

And we have learned: Its demise is our demise.

The humble housewife, lately, has not enjoyed such an uplifting experience. Calmly buzzing from laundry to kitchen for centuries, she has kept us and her demise is our demise.

The humble mother has not enjoyed such uplifting, either. Calmly buzzing from diapers to diploma, she keeps us until we are adults. Her demise is the demise of our children.

No, the woman, as she is, has not enjoyed uplifting.

Only when she pretends at being a man does even she, herself, acknowledge her value as a creature.

What if the woman were to beat off the one who would chase her into this disorder? What if she were to reach for the blessings of being herself? What if she were to take the lead as a woman, instead of grasping at being the man.

She would serve the Lord.

When life is right-side up, the world works better, and our world is not working so well. We can learn this. We need to learn this. We can charge into this survival battle with confidence. Someone has to, if only for the children.

Bee working diligently all day to increase food supply.So, who has the equipment? Who has the temperament? Who has the muscles, strengths, desires? Is it not woman, in numbers too big to ignore?

We buzz.

We go where no man can go.


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